The best external laptop batteries


The laptop is essential since it is for many people their main work tool. It represents the ideal blend of power, functionality and portability. The laptop can be used anywhere as soon as the need arises: the metro, the home, the workplace, leisure areas… Of course, like any electronic device, it operates on energy. However, … Read more

The best external batteries for PC and Macbook


We have selected the best external laptop batteries that have received the most favorable reviews from users. However, we stress that if you have a Macbook that has a USB-C (Thunderbolt) port , most of this selection will be fine (just plug your USB-C power cable between the backup battery and your Macbook). However, we … Read more

Comparison of 8 of the best fast charge external batteries


Our comparison of the best quick charge or fast charge power banks to recharge your phone in less time than it takes. 1- Kilponen External Quick Charge Battery 26,800 mAh Kilponen is an external battery with Quick charge that has been designed for those who have always dreamed of having an external battery whose power … Read more

The best power banks with fast charging 2021

The fast-charging external battery brings many benefits to those who use their smartphones intensively and nomads who go on vacation. Fast charging has even become an essential criterion when buying a phone. Today, we find this technology on the flagships of major brands such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, OnePlus … If the Quick Charge function … Read more

Why use an external laptop battery?


The PC is the main professional companion for several socio-professional categories, including freelance workers. It has a very big flaw: a low autonomy (less than 6 hours for the most part). It discharges very quickly, because its characteristics are very high. In the end, what good is a discharged laptop computer? Hence the interest of … Read more

The different generations of fast charging created by Qualcomm


For the standard battery, the charge is generally done in more than 3 hours. As for the external fast charge battery , the process is completed a little less than 1 hour 30 minutes. Over the years, the manufacturer of mobile processors Qualcomm has been one of the first firms to innovate in the field. … Read more