Comparison of 8 of the best fast charge external batteries

Our comparison of the best quick charge or fast charge power banks to recharge your phone in less time than it takes.

1- Kilponen External Quick Charge Battery 26,800 mAh

Kilponen is an external battery with Quick charge that has been designed for those who have always dreamed of having an external battery whose power is capable of recharging 5, 2 times the iPhone XS, 4, 5 times the XS Max, 4 X the Samsung Note 9 and 2, 8 times the iPad Air? As small and discreet as an iPhone XS Max, this external battery is capable of accomplishing a real miracle with your smartphones. The latter is equipped with 2 for USB charging and a micro USB for charging. It is strong enough and well protected to work wonders. In addition, with the technology it integrates, you will be able to charge or recharge almost twice as fast as normal.

Strong points :
• Power of 26,800 mAh;
• 100% in almost 45 minutes;
• One charge for 5 recharges.
Weak points :
• Very long charging time;
• Non-automatic charging;

2- Anker with PowerIQ 20,000 mAh Technology

The Anker is a fast external battery with a masterful power of 20,000 mAh. Which is enough to achieve wonders. This allows you to easily restore your discharged batteries after long days. Indeed, there are many physical parameters, but also technical ones that can push you to get one.

So this jewel is really beautiful. Its imposing design and masterful curves make it a tool that is a pleasure to use in public. Not very big and even less heavy, you will not feel its presence either in the pocket or in the bag. Very complete, this pack includes a multitude of really useful and sometimes even essential little gadgets. This fast-charging external battery is therefore perfect for you.

Strong points :
• Excellent capacity of 20,000 mAh;
• Good dimension;
• Many accessories available for more options.
Weak points :
• The absence of an LED battery indicator,
• Non-universal charging system.

3- Charmast Power Delivery Quick Charge 26,800 mAh

Battery Delivery is an external battery with fast charge offering a power of 26,800 mAh. You have surely already happened to go out for an emergency and hop out of the house, a beep on your smartphone, PC or tablet reminds you that the latter’s battery is flat? This kind of inconvenience is more and more recurrent. To overcome this, this external battery for tablet is practical and powerful with its 26,800 mAh.

Indeed, the latter has a variety of characteristics that will make you crazy about it. Incorporating many features that will make you wild with joy, Battery Delivery is a gem that will almost make you forget about outlets in your homes. It is capable of delivering variable powers of 5 V / 2.4 A; 5 V / 2.4 A and incorporates a 3.0 port delivering 5-6 V for 3 A; 6- 9 V – 2 A and 9 – 12 V for 1.5 A delivered by the ports.

Strong points :

• Small size ;
• 3 USB output ports;
• A micro USB charging port.
Weak points :

• Slow charging system;
• Is not durable

4- Ekrist External Quick Charge Battery 26 800 mAh

The powerful Ekrist is a fast power bank of approximately 26,800 mAh. Thin and stylish, the latter can accompany you on all your trips, both for business and for daily pleasure. Simple and practical, this battery has many advantages that will delight users. So you can charge several smartphones or other devices at the same time without worry.

So, in order to satisfy you, everything in this toy has been implemented to make your life easier. Powerful and precise in its use, this flagship replacement solution is quite small, i.e. 15 X 1.5 X 7.5 cm which makes it very discreet and easy to transport under certain conditions. Ekrist is the external battery that will make you happy.

Strong points :

• 2 USB output ports;
• 4 LED level indicators 25, 50, 75 and 100%;
• Great charging power.
Weak points :

• Small size, but a weight of 350 grams;
• Limited number of devices.

5- AUKEY Power Bank Quick Charge 3.0

AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 is a powerful external battery with fast charge that offers a whole host of advantages. A very high amount of power available. Although this is not extraordinary, it should be noted that it allows you to charge any type of phone and tablet, no matter the need. In addition to that, it also embeds a multifunction system like a lamp that allows you to put light everywhere.

The AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 is therefore an external battery with Quick charge which allows you to recharge quickly and efficiently. Although it is not with all flagships, the latter is able to charge at very high speed the majority of phones currently on the market, regardless of the system or the brand. So you have the best when it comes to charging.

Strong points :

• A power of 20,000 mAh;
• Lamp ;
• Quick charge 3.0 system,
Weak points :

• Large dimensions;
• Limited compatibility.

6- Omars External Battery 18W 20,000 mAh

The Omar recharging battery is a tool that offers many quite interesting physical and technical specifics. Indeed, the latter allows you to safely quickly recharge all your mobile devices and even your Macbook (from 2016). Provided with a screen which indicates the exact numerical value of the level of your external battery with fast recharge , you will have at all times an exact idea of the percentage of your backup battery.

Useful and convenient ports that can help you charge and recharge your device or your own battery are built in. That is, they can be used as much for recharging devices as for charging the external fast-charging battery itself. The latter is available in several versions, including the 10,000, 20,000 and 24,000 mAh.

Strong points :

• An LCD screen;
• A USB type C port that can be used as a mixed port;
• Able to charge a Macbook (from 2016);
Weak points :

• The 10,000mAh version;
• A bit heavy and bulky;

7- Charmast Power Delivery Charge 10,400 mAh

The Charmast 10,400 mAh is an external battery capable of easily recharging your devices such as smartphones and tablets. Simple and stylish, the latter offers a design that does not go unnoticed. This inexpensive battery has many physical and technical qualities that make it unique and practically magical?

With its space dedicated to the display of the battery percentage level, you can always have a clear idea of the time taken to charge and the power that your device consumes. Although some parameters are not developed, it should be noted that the latter has a really unique style that will satisfy you. So, need a fast recharging battery , The Charmast 10 400 mAh seems to be the right solution for your problem.

Strong points :

• Battery level indicator display;
• Quick charge 3.0 inputs;
• An entry to easily recharge the iPhone.
Weak points :

• Brittle material;
• A charge interruption problem.

8- RAVPOWER Quick Charge 20 100 mAh

The RAVPOWER is a design jewel that throws a lot of it. Indeed, the latter offers a quite majestic physical aspect which propels it into the summits. The latter has a fairly powerful system perfect for charging devices such as smartphones, but also other elements of the same kind. Several USB ports for charging smartphones are therefore available and for the most part, some are compatible and others are not.

The overpowering battery meanwhile will make you gain more longevity and therefore with a charge, you can repeatedly recharge your flagship even if it is energy intensive. This is also the reason why we consider the latter as an external battery with rapid recharge . In addition with its multiple LED indicators, you will know where you are.

Strong points :

• Quick charge external battery;
• USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port;
• Powerful 20,100 mAh battery.
Weak points :

• Deceptive LEDs;
• Heavy and bulky.