The best power banks with fast charging 2021

The fast-charging external battery brings many benefits to those who use their smartphones intensively and nomads who go on vacation. Fast charging has even become an essential criterion when buying a phone. Today, we find this technology on the flagships of major brands such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, OnePlus …

If the Quick Charge function is so important, it is because it allows a complete and rapid recharge of your phone in less than 1 hour 30 minutes. Only, to benefit from it, you must make sure that your phone is equipped with the fast charge feature. However, there are several fast charging technologies on the market, but the most popular one on the market is Qualcomm Quick Charge (Qualcomm which supplies Snapdragon chips to phone manufacturers) which equips a large part of Android smartphones.


By the way, what is Quick Charge?

Fast recharging has a simple objective: to store the maximum amount of energy in a short period of time. The battery of a smartphone is like a tank. Each of them has a maximum capacity, the unit of measure of which is milliampere per hour (mAh). Depending on its power and size, a battery has a variable capacity. These are the elements that largely determine its endurance.

To accumulate energy, all batteries need to be powered with a charger. The charging speed of a device is determined in watts. It is obtained by multiplying the output voltage in volts by the voltage of the current in amperes.

Conventional charging devices allow a charging speed that hovers around 5 watts. It’s been around 2-3 hours of waiting for a full charge of the phone battery. Fast charging boxes offer 25 to 30 watts. This translates into a duration of 30 minutes to 1 hour for recharging compatible with the Quick Charge external battery .

Fast charging: an essential development for smartphones

From the release of the first copies of smartphones, the question of battery life was immediately raised. Indeed, with ever more greedy integrated processors, it became obvious that the capacity of the internal batteries was insufficient. Not to mention the connection to WIFI and 4G networks which are just as energy intensive. Who among us has never run out of batteries on their smartphone outside?

Fighting against this type of inconvenience represented a real challenge for manufacturers. This is how many manufacturers quickly became interested in the Quick Charge built into the phone and the external battery with fast charging. This is the case with the Samsung fast charge external battery which is one of the most used on the market.

Operation of an external battery fast charge

Again, called a power bank, the external battery with fast charge works like all other batteries: stores energy to restore it to another periphery (smartphones, tablets, headphones, Bluetooth speaker, etc.). To some extent, it can be used to charge laptops.

As with ordinary batteries, it is essential to charge an external battery before use. So, the advantage of the external battery with fast charge lies in the fact that not only its recharging will be faster , but also it will quickly recharge your smartphone (the device must also be equipped with the fast charge function).

To achieve this, multiple batteries incorporate 18-30W power and intelligent IC identification to deliver the best possible charge in a short period of time.

It plugs into a power outlet and recovers electrical energy using an adapter with a USB port (supplied at the time of purchase) also equipped with fast charging technology. Several smartphone fast chargers (powerbank with fast charge) are often equipped with LEDs also called LEDs to indicate the charge level. When these flashes, it means that the battery is charging. When the last light is steady, the charge is complete.