The best solar batteries chargers for phones 2021

External solar batteries bring the particularity of solving recharging problems on our smartphones when we find ourselves far from any source of domestic energy. They are equipped with a solar panel film that captures the energies of the sun’s rays and a battery that stores these energies. And even in the absence of the sun, they can be used to charge devices such as smartphones, tablets, headphones….


How a solar charger works

The operation of solar chargers is quite simple, they are powered by the sun’s rays through the solar panel film that covers their surface. These rays are then transformed into energy, which will be used to recharge your phone.

The denser the sun’s rays, the faster the battery recharges with energy. You must therefore place it in a place where there is more sun. This charger is quite convenient for those who like to go camping, hiking. It will also be if you use your phone intensively (more than 25,000 mAh for certain models of solar chargers).

The best solar chargers for phones 2021

If you still do not know which solar power bank to buy , take a look at our comparison of the best solar power bank 2019. It presents all the brands of solar cell phone batteries, their characteristics, user reviews… This allows you to have an idea general on each product. There you will find all the information you need to better buy a solar charger for your phone .

• POWERRAD solar external battery 26,800 mAh
• TSSIBE Solar Power Bank 24,000 mAh
• RAVPower ultra light 21 W solar panel charger
• ADDTOP 25,000 mAh solar charger
• KEDRON external solar battery 24,000 mAh

How to choose the right external solar battery?

To choose the right external solar battery , it is important to consider a number of parameters:

Battery capacity

Before you start choosing a solar cell phone battery , you should research its capacity and see if it meets your need. Do you have several devices that require enough energy? In this case, you should definitely choose a battery model that has a large capacity.

If you have for example a 4000 mAh mobile, you should not choose a battery less than 10,000 mAh. You will need a solar battery with the ability to charge your phone at least twice or it won’t produce the amount of power your device needs for 100% recharge.


The solar charger you choose should be compatible with your device, otherwise you will not be able to use it. The cord provided to power your phone or tablet must be suitable for the charging port. If you have an iPhone, there are lightning to USB cables. Most solar batteries are capable of recharging the devices you use every day: smartphone, tablet, camera, connected watch, etc.


This is a very important criterion that should not be overlooked when choosing an external solar charger . Because, it allows to determine how many devices can a solar battery charge at the same time. Some batteries have 2 to 3 USB ports. If you are one of the people who uses multiple phones or devices that can be recharged by micro-USB port, it would be beneficial to opt for a battery that has multiple USB ports.

Do not forget to choose one that has a charging port, very practical for recharging your solar charger from an AC outlet in the absence of the sun (during the winter seasons for example).

Weight and size

You need to make sure that the battery you want to buy is the size and weight you want. Indeed, external solar batteries are more or less bulky. So you won’t have to bother yourself every time you want to take it in your bag.

The price

The price of a solar battery is a determining factor. With 30 euros you can buy a better solar power bank . Having said that, you need to have an overall idea of the price range to stay within your budget.

Use and maintenance of a solar battery: our advice

Using a solar power bank is so easy. Once it has stored the necessary energy, simply connect the USB end of your phone’s charger and let it charge. When your solar charger runs out of energy, you just need to put it under the sun’s rays for it to store energy again.

Take care to always power your battery so as not to find yourself in unpleasant situations. Especially when you know how annoying it is to find that your solar battery is dead when you need it most to charge your phone.

Maintaining a solar charger is useful and essential if you want it to keep its performance and last a long time. We recommend that you check the condition of your portable solar battery every 6 months at a professional. Have the electrode level analyzed, which should be 30 to 35 mm below the top of the cover.

It will also be necessary to add distilled water, respecting the quantity indicated. Never put acid in it, as this will damage your device. The density of the electrode should also be measured. Also make sure that a charge with an intensity of 1/20 th of the battery capacity is administered for one hour.

For safety reasons, it is advisable not to handle the acid of the external solar battery. Be careful not to touch the metal parts of the battery, they are always live. Also keep your solar battery away from water.

Why is it important to buy an external solar battery?

With a solar power bank , you no longer have to wait for your phone to charge under a wall outlet. You can do this anywhere you want as long as the sun’s rays appear. It is transportable and easy to store , so you can take it with you on a trip or a walk. In addition, the solar charger has multiple USB ports that give you the option of charging 2 or 3 devices at a time.

You can power it under the sun or on your laptop through the USB port or an AC outlet. You also save time and money, it will save you the electricity bill. It is a real emergency device. It will act as a relay in the event that your phone’s charger is faulty.