Why use an external laptop battery?

The PC is the main professional companion for several socio-professional categories, including freelance workers. It has a very big flaw: a low autonomy (less than 6 hours for the most part).

It discharges very quickly, because its characteristics are very high. In the end, what good is a discharged laptop computer? Hence the interest of an external battery for pc . Using a portable external battery is useful in several cases:

  • The practical aspect: this is the main advantage of a laptop battery backup. Easy to move, to take, to keep, when you find yourself in places without electrical outlets.
  • Energy autonomy: this is the main reason that can motivate the purchase of a backup battery. You will have extra energy that will help you out for several hours.
  • Multifunctionality: apart from the laptop, you can charge other electronic devices. No need to carry a charging battery for each device, you have an all-in-one option right at your fingertips.

The amount of energy supplied to compensate for a limited autonomy is also decisive. This information is in mAh (Milli-Ampere-Hour). This is the volume of energy that the battery supplies in one hour. Obviously, the higher the number, the greater the energy capacity coming from the battery.

In addition, as a user, it is desirable that the recharging speed is high; no one wants to spend most of their time charging their devices! The energy supplied in mAh can be high, but if your device is limited. In this case, the recharge will take longer.

Use of an external PC battery: the various charging ports

Each laptop backup battery has specific ports. Not all are the same! Depending on the manufacturer and type, there are three distinct output ports. In other words, your computer external battery can be powered in three ways thanks to:

  • DC output: if your model has a DC output, it is essential that the voltage and connector required are compatible with the needs of the external PC battery . In general, adapters are provided for purchase by most of the brands in the market;
  • AC output: it has an advantage compared to the first port. No incompatibility possible, you will do without an additional adapter. Thanks to the voltage supplied (220 Volts), you can directly connect your computer without fear of a surge;
  • The USB-C output: it’s the ultimate in possibilities. This release is very popular because of its multifunctionality. It uses “Power Delivery”, a new charging technology. Thanks to the USB-C output, you can recharge all your devices on your external laptop battery (tablet, smartphone, etc.).

Choosing the right external battery for PC

If you want to buy an external battery for a computer from Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus, Acer or other, one of the questions that comes naturally is how to choose an external battery for your PC? You should know at least a few criteria that can help you decide on a better external laptop battery . We have made a comparison for you to guide you.

Battery size

Go for a battery that is a reasonable size. A portable external PC battery that is too big quickly becomes cumbersome. You need a gadget that doesn’t have to grab attention, but not that. When you opt for an external battery, you need space in your purse or backpack to put it. You will agree that a battery that is a little light, compact if possible will do the trick. So a flat battery preferably if it is to be in a bag, cylindrical if it is on your desk or if many of you are recharging devices.

Battery capacity

The thing that one looks for in an external battery is the power, the autonomy and the speed of recharging. An external laptop battery can charge a PC two or three times depending on its amperage. You will have to remember to take a battery from 20,000 mAh. This is a guarantee of more charging power depending on your type of computer. The more energy it takes, the faster the recharging battery will be drained.

Compatibility with your computer

This characteristic is not to be taken lightly. It is even one of the most important in the process of selecting your external laptop battery . Most batteries are sold with connectors that facilitate compatibility with your PC’s charging port. However, that doesn’t mean that all of these batteries are suitable for your computer model.

People who have computers with the MAC system will easily find an external battery since most have a built-in USB or USB-C port. If your PC does not charge USB-C port, prefer external batteries that have an AC outlet . So be sure that what you buy is suitable.

Some brands of batteries have features that stand out. They have the Quick Recharge function and large mAh capacities (over 30,000 mAh) and in addition, have USB, USB-C and AC Socket outputs to be compatible with most PCs and Macs.

Recharge speed

You don’t buy your external battery to make it slower than your normal sub-sector recharge. You should choose a battery that has a high charge rate, between 1 or 2.1 amps. On the notices when you see a high amperage, know that your computer will be recharged faster. With some types of batteries, it’s up to you to select the speed that suits you best for the charge.

What else to consider?

As each brand has its differentiations on its product, you too will have to have a keen eye to notice it. Before using an external battery, it should be recharged from the mains (electrical outlet). Through lighting, sometimes a screen, you can tell if it is full. Before ordering, find out if there is an adapter for the mains socket, and if your device will be charged according to the intensity of the energy. At worst, do a search for opinions on external laptop batteries depending on your model.

Price of an external laptop battery

You have an idea on everything that revolves around laptop power banks. How does it work, how the different charging ports , the reasons why you must have an external battery and especially how to choose them… It is also necessary to know how to acquire it.

The price of an external laptop battery varies greatly depending on several criteria. Some brands rely on the prestige of their product and at this point the price may or may not be high. We will talk about high-end or low-end. It is possible to have an external battery for your laptop from 50 $, but it is also possible to buy more than 200 $.

The capacity in mAh is the main criterion that determines the price. A battery that has an amperage around 10,000 mAh for example will cost less than one that has 40,000 mAh. A very simple logic that we can understand.

Some details also such as ease of use and compatibility with several types of PC must be taken into account. Whether the product needs to come with a pouch or small tips to match your charging socket, those are all things that matter.